Life Insurance Portfolio Review

"Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust."

— Oliver Wendell Holmes

Most life insurance portfolios are built on a piece meal basis. The need for life insurance evolves over time, college graduation, marriage, starting a family, starting a business, developing an estate plan are all common times to review an existing life insurance portfolio.

The life insurance industry has experienced significant financial changes over the last decade. Longer life expectancies and improved carrier expense management have been offset by historically low long-term interest rates and a choppy investment market. Changes in gift, estate and income tax laws have changed the life insurance needs of many clients. New products like Indexed Universal Life and reductions in policy guarantees also factor into the mix. As a result in about two thirds of the portfolios we review there is an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the portfolio.

MBL Advisor’s carrier and product due diligence process is designed with our client’s evolving needs in mind. Our process is structured to meet fiduciary standards, with an emphasis on managing and transferring risk as efficiently as possible. The results have led to significant premium savings, increased benefits or both.

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