Executive Compensation Consulting for Privately Held Companies- SMILE TM

With SMILE TM (Strategic Management Incentives for Long-term Employees) we have developed and trademarked a proprietary process to help privately held businesses align their long-term strategic goals with long-term management compensation. Every successful business has a team of key players that are critical to achieving the long-term success of the business. Public companies have strong, long-term goal alignment linked to executive compensation through equity based programs like restricted stock or stock options. Unfortunately there is a disconnect in many privately held and family businesses. Paying executives a salary and annual bonus without equity participation may not be the most effective way to achieve corporate long-term strategic goals.

As part of the SMILE TM process we evaluate a number of alternatives including:

  • Phantom stock
  • Stock appreciation rights
  • Profit participation plans
  • Restricted stock or Stock options
  • Enhanced Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
  • Off balance sheet plans for S Corporations and pass through tax entities

With SMILE TM, owners are happy when the growth goals are achieved and management is happy to participate in the upside.

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