Family Businesses


Family Business Compensation Consulting:

Most family businesses are not interested in allocating stock to non-family employees and executives. Our proprietary SMILE TM (Strategic Management Incentives for Long-term Employees) planning process can provide a road map to aligning long term compensation with the long term business goals and objectives.

The two most common requests we receive involve compensation for siblings and cousins in the same generation and aligning non-family executive compensation with the long term goals of the family.

Within a family business there is a significant difference between compensation, dividends and gifts. Compensation fairness may vary significantly depending on the generation, role and responsibility of each member of the family. Missing the mark on compensation can create a host of other problems from strained family relationships to corporate inefficiency.

Family Business Transition Planning:

Family business owners spend long hours, at great sacrifice, working to build a successful business – a business that may represent their most significant asset. Their very success may cause additional challenges within their family relationships. Creating a smooth transition many times requires complex structuring to solve the needs of the family. We address the compensation and wealth transfer issues of providing for children and grandchildren of both active and inactive family owners in the business. If there are no family successors, we can advise on the structure of a sale to a third party with the goal of minimizing income, gift and estate taxes while meeting the family wealth goals.

Working with the family business owner’s other professional advisors, we develop solutions to the questions family business owners face through each stage of the company’s existence.

Family Dynamics:

As part of a family office, we are familiar with the non-business issues that often arise between generations, siblings and cousins. Compensation and Business Transition planning often creates tension among family members that may go unnoticed by other advisors not familiar with family dynamics. MBL Advisors experience in the area of family dynamics is a clear Competitive Advantage

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